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7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Day

Just as cars have service checks to see that they're running properly, people can give themselves 'performance checks' to make sure they're also in great running order. And no, you don't have to head over to a specialty human-mechanic to undertake the check. It can be done by asking yourself these questions every day.

1. Did I say too much?

It is a known fact that people who speak too much end up talking rubbish. So look back on your meetings and social catch-ups and ask yourself if you said too much. There is power in remaining reticent, playing some cards close to your chest and keeping your encounters brief.

2. Were my meetings valuable?

Did you leave your meetings with an outcome and action items? Or were they a waste of time? If it's the latter, make a note on why and who you met with so you can work out how to get a result from the time you've already wasted -- and so you don't repeat the same mistake.

3. Did I exercise?

Did you choose to walk a few extra blocks, take the stairs or schedule time to hit the gym? The best way is to mix incidental exercise with scheduled activities so that you treat time for your health as importantly as any other meeting.

4. Did I eat well?

Don't lie! Be honest about what you ate as bad nutrition will negatively affect your health and your productivity. Don't fall behind in business just because you like cookies a little too much. Yes, you might get a quick sugar lift from an afternoon treat, but it will soon be followed by a sugar crash -- and more junk to work out of your system. Save the sugar for special occasions.

5. Did I make someone else feel good about themselves?

Was there an opportunity for you to help someone without expecting something in return? Did you go out of your way to help someone who can't help themselves? If the answer is yes, that's great. But then keep it to yourself! Don't plaster it all over social media -- because if it was a really selfless act then no-one needs to know about it except you.

6. What was the best part of my day and how can I replicate that tomorrow?

Too often we find ourselves complaining about our day instead of celebrating it. Even on your crappiest days, find something that made it good. Then repeat it every day.

7. What did I do just for me?

That's right. Others might call you selfish but it's crucial to do at least one thing each day that is just for you. It could be a workout, a bath, being alone -- whatever it is, think of it as an important part of the 'performance kit'. It's important to keep Project You running at optimal level.

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