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7 Quick Tips For Confidence

Who doesn't need a confidence quick fix every now and then? Confidence is one of the key traits that will help you build success.

It's a trait commonly seen in some of the world's most successful corporate players.

Take Gina Rinehart, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, for instance. One common attribute they have -- other than their achievements -- is confidence; a belief in themselves and what they're offering. What is worth noting is that these three kings of business possessed confidence long before they had any success or recognition to validate it.

To put it simply: you have to believe it now to become it later.

Here are seven quick confidence boosters you can use right now to put you on the right road for future success:

1. Stop talking yourself down and start talking yourself up

You are writing your own verbal script and there's no point in a professional undermining themselves in public.

2. Take note of your posture

This is how you sit, how you stand and how you walk.

Practice makes perfect -- a few times a day, take a moment to re-adjust yourself and correct your slouch, and soon you'll do it automatically.

3. Dress the part

Don't dress for the person you are today, dress for the professional you want to become. Don't save your 'good' suits for tomorrow!

4. Reaffirm yourself daily

Take stock of your successes and more importantly, how you've recovered from setbacks. Create your own positive mantra that you repeat to yourself regularly.

5. Spring clean your network

Say goodbye to those who aren't on your path to success and who won't support you on your journey. Negative people are great at killing productivity.

6. Get active

Whether it is going for a run or taking a swim; any form of exercise will not only make you feel more confident physically, but it will release feel-good endorphins to aid brain activity.

7. Don't look back

Don't lament on the past or what could have been -- focus on the future.

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