Why You Must Be Decisive And Five Ways To Do It More

There are endless articles and books promising you the 'secrets to success', which often turn out to be a whole lot of hype and lacking in actual pragmatic or practical tips on HOW to actually succeed.

But there is one very simple -- yet often overlooked -- key to success. It is crucial, because it can make or break an opportunity, it has the ability to cost or save you thousands of dollars and has the power to either push you or prevent you from moving to the next level.

It's the ability to be decisive.

Making a decision becomes a daily and sometimes an hourly activity for the business woman who is keen to be successful. The second a decision is put off or ignored, problems can start to pile up and opportunities are missed.

So how do you become decisive and protect yourself from making the wrong decision?

1. Listen to your gut

This can be the best protector of your IP and future than anything else. If you are being approached by someone selling you the dream, listen to your instincts when they say NO. The longer you wait, the more control they have over you and your decision making power.

2. Ask a trusted advisor

You should have at least one person you trust implicitly. If you need a second opinion, ask them. Don't ask the online community and don't ask someone who just likes to please people (they will say what they think you want to hear).

3. If in doubt, throw it out

This is often the quickest decision you make (but not necessarily the easiest). If you are hesitant, then the answer is no. Prolonging the decision will only take up space in your mind, cause you to be anxious and take your focus away from your business

4. Past behaviour predicts future decisions

Quickly remember the last time you were in this situation and the decision you made -- was it a good one or a bad one? Learn from your mistakes as well as learning from your successes in the area of decision-making.

5. Silence is an answer

This is a trick men use all the time. They don't say yes and they don't say no. They just don't respond. It is their way of saying no for now because they may want to use you in the future. Try this with an opportunity you don't want or need now, but will do in the future.

Practice your decisiveness with the smaller decisions each day and ease yourself into being more decisive in more important areas of life and in business.