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Adam 'Maddog' MacDougall

Health entrepreneur, best-selling author, former NRL star

Adam 'Maddog' MacDougall is an Australian health entrepreneur, best-selling author and former Rugby League footballer.
My Heart Says NSW But My Money Is On

My Heart Says NSW But My Money Is On QLD

This is the arena for greatness to shine, so the question is, will the ageing champions Queensland still have the desire to continue to dominate on it, or will the young and hungry Blues be able to harness their minds and help restore pride in the blue jersey?
01/06/2016 7:01 AM AEST
More Tongs, Less

More Tongs, Less Hammered

There's nothing more Australian than having a cold beer and a sausage sandwich to celebrate our national day, but there's nothing fun about the hangover that comes with it the next morning.
25/01/2016 5:07 AM AEDT