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Alana Schetzer

Melbourne-based journalist, writer and editor

Alana Schetzer is a Melbourne-based journalist, writer and editor. She worked at The Age as a news journalist for five years, covering social justice, health, crime and wrote television reviews for Green Guide. Alana previously worked The Melbourne Times and The Weekly Review, in news and lifestyle, including travel and entertainment. She teaches media, writing and communications at The University of Melbourne to undergraduate and masters students and has been a panelist and host at many writers festivals, including National Young Writers Festival, Storyology, Emerging Writers Festival and Digital Writers Festival. Alana is the co-founder of Women in Media and is a trustee of the Media Safety and Solidarity Trust, which provides financial support to journalists and their families in high-risk countries such as Pakistan and the Phillipines. She has been published in Good Weekend, Peppermint, MamaMia, Essential Kids, Time Out Melbourne, M Magazine and many more. For more information, visit or