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Alexandra Tselios

Australian publisher and columnist, founder of The Big Smoke

Alexandra Tselios is an Australian Publisher and columnist. She is the Founder and CEO of The Big Smoke Australia and The Big Smoke USA. Alexandra is also a political and social commentator featured on commercial radio most days of the week.
Funding Cuts Are A Pain In The

Funding Cuts Are A Pain In The Arts

To arrive at a point where our arts scene is held to the same standard as other sectors, we must first reject the archaic notion that the creative and business worlds are separate. Or that they cannot intertwine. They should and they can, and art integrity need not suffer as a result.
24/06/2016 10:04 AM AEST
The Meme Streets Of Australian

The Meme Streets Of Australian Politics

Suddenly we all have a voice, we can all add commentary to what is happening in our political arena regardless of if we skim read, understand how the Commonwealth even works or just like to write 'Same sh*t different shovel' on every Turnbull thread.
17/09/2015 1:13 PM AEST