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Annie Hariharan

Business consultant, pop-culture nerd, occasional writer

Annie Hariharan is a business consultant, pop-culture nerd and occasional writer. She is interested in people, places and cultural identities and is constantly searching for better ways to narrate these stories.
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Movies Never Change, But The People Who Watch Them Do

I have a 'go to' movie for every occasion ('Love Actually' for Christmas, 'Mean Girls' for when I'm recovering from a cold), so I constantly find myself re-watching movies in the way some people look forward to greeting old friends. And, just like with old friends, I find myself reacting differently to a movie after each viewing.
04/04/2016 12:31 PM AEST
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Poor People Are Not Props For Our Philanthropic Photos

In 2013, I volunteered to teach English at an education centre in East Bali for a month. I was armed with nothing more than good intentions and a need to 'give back' because of my own middle-class privilege. But within the first few weeks, I begun to realise that the volunteers' presence might actually be more damaging for the students' education.
04/02/2016 5:09 AM AEDT