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Anthony Albanese

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Tourism and Cities

Anthony Albanese is Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Tourism and Cities.
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Australia Needs To Go To Town On Cities Policy

In Australia, there is an opportunity to use City Deals to incentivise collaboration across local government and also with the states and territories to maximise the economic potential of our cities. This would also ensure City Deals were adding growth to an area, not simply shifting it from somewhere else.
22/08/2016 5:57 AM AEST
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The Future Is On Track

Australia's key economic challenge today is the need to diversify economic activity to make up for the decline in mining caused by the shift in the resources cycle from construction to production. Improved freight rail must be a central part of the solution.
09/12/2015 5:07 AM AEDT

Time For Turnbull To Really Get On Board Public Transport

Where in previous decades many Australians lived near where they worked, their communities are being transformed into drive-in, drive-out suburbs where they sleep between working and commuting but have little time for anything else. Millions of Australians are literally watching their quality of life disappear like the white lines in their rear-vision mirrors.
24/09/2015 5:20 AM AEST