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Bonny O'Shea

Consummate rambler obsessed with checking out from reality at every promise of adventure

I got a stinging bite from the travel bug when I was circa 20 years old visiting Thailand, and since then my life has been a cycle of study, work, save, GO, live in abject poverty, drool over new places, work, save, GO, come home broke, dream of overseas, work, save, GO… I blog about all things travel + adventure over at
Think Bali Is Too Bogan? Think Andrey Artykov via Getty Images

Think Bali Is Too Bogan? Think Again

"Pfffft, Bali. Only bogans who want to start their personal collection of Bintang singlets go here," I hear someone say... Hush, people. I'm going to tell you about a place on the southern-most tip of mainland Bali, a place that's still golden and gorgeous and blissfully peaceful.
23/12/2015 5:48 AM AEDT