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Brittany Wong

Relationships Editor, HuffPost

Brittany Wong lives in LA and covers love, sex and relationships for HuffPost.

How To Know When Your Relationship Is Over

Who you choose to spend your life with is an incredibly important decision ― and sometimes, you realize the person you thought was "the one" isn't the right choice anymore. But that doesn't stop peopl...
15/12/2017 7:22 AM AEDT

10 Sex Tips You Haven't Heard A Million Times Before

A little experimentation never hurt anyone'ssex life. To help couples in long-term relationships stretch their imaginations, we asked sexperts from around the country to share one piece of unconventio...
21/11/2017 12:31 AM AEDT

The 6 Things Millennials Bring Up The Most In Therapy

On any given day in her office, San Francisco-based therapist Tara Griffith hears millennials wonder aloud: Is this it? Am I failing at being an adult? How did my parents have it all figured out by th...
16/11/2017 8:10 PM AEDT