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Bryan Wilmot

Integrated Planner at Leo Burnett Sydney

Bryan Wilmot is Senior Social Account Manager at Leo Burnett.
New Year's Resolutions Need A New DragonImages via Getty Images

New Year's Resolutions Need A New Strategy

Yesterday was our last public holiday until Easter. "Just settling back into it" is no longer an acceptable approach to work. The joy of summer has all but come to an end. To put it colloquially: sh*t gets real. It's around now that the excuses creep in and resolutions creep out.
27/01/2016 5:06 AM AEDT
Men Have The Internet All Over Their Pinkypills via Getty Images

Men Have The Internet All Over Their Face

The stubble begun to bubble and, once it had, it was the Internet which yet again straddled real life and defied any possibility that this face-bush-fetish would be just a flash in the pan. Beards begun to blip onto the Instagram radar, revealing their primal-selves to society at large and there was no shaving us once this had occurred.
30/09/2015 9:04 AM AEST