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Chris Appleford

Personal trainer; nutrition coach; Febfast ambassador; founder of Eat For Lean

Chris Appleford is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, Febfast ambassador and founder of Eat For Lean.
How To Go Out And Have Fun Without

How To Go Out And Have Fun Without Drinking

If you’ve thought that taking a break from alcohol, or quitting for good, is right for you, giving up your social life doesn’t have to be the price you pay. Here are eight ways you can go out and have a great night without downing 10 pints of Heineken and a late-night lamb sandwich.
29/07/2016 10:32 AM AEST
The Day I Quit

The Day I Quit Drinking

Right after my son was born, I spent every moment I could with him and my wife Sarah, right up until I met up with a few friends for drinks to 'wet the baby's head'.
28/03/2016 7:49 AM AEDT