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Claire Marshall

Storyteller- Traveler- Business Development

Claire is constantly in pursuit of new stories, new adventures, and new people to learn from as a self-proclaimed anthropologist and explorer. She graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a B.A. in English Literature and a Minor in Spanish and then received her Masters in Business from the University of La Verne. Her current passions include behavioral economics, world religions, health & wellness, adventure tourism, and education. She has lived and worked in both Tanzania and Madrid and thrives on cultivating international connections, learning new languages, and embracing new challenges (currently training for the NYC Marathon!) She now resides in Santa Monica, California where she enjoys finding delicious cappuccinos & anything related to film.
Why The Gig Economy Is Like A Bad

Why The Gig Economy Is Like A Bad Boyfriend

There are a few things that drive me into a blind rage: call centres that 'accidentally' hang up on you after an hour of waiting, motorists that won't let you merge in busy traffic, and people bagging the sharing economy because they don't like Uber.
12/05/2016 4:21 PM AEST
Humans Are Happiest When They

Humans Are Happiest When They Share

The funny thing is that you start to see your posessions in a different way -- like a resource to be shared rather than something to be owned. This is a pretty liberating mindset as items around you suddenly become revenue sources rather than depreciating assets.
13/10/2015 9:41 AM AEDT
Can Anyone Actually Live In The Sharing

Can Anyone Actually Live In The Sharing Economy?

I'm sitting at my laptop wondering what the hell I've committed to. I'm more than happy to admit that I'm someone who often leaps before they look, but this time, I might have leapt too far.
05/09/2015 7:12 AM AEST