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Claire Marshall

Writer and life explorer who loves anything that combines stories, technology and social good

Claire Marshall is an award-winning creative who has worked across television, film and digital for the last 10 years. She has directed television shows and cross-platform extensions for the major Australian networks, and worked with Hollywood Studios while working for at Australia’s largest movie exhibitor. She is a member of global collective Learn Do Share Australia, and together with co-founder Dr Ele Jansen she has developed a game that encourages creative collaboration, which she has presented around the world. She stumbled across the sharing economy almost by accident but it fits into Claire's passion for stories, technology and social good.
Why The Gig Economy Is Like A Bad Warner Bros

Why The Gig Economy Is Like A Bad Boyfriend

There are a few things that drive me into a blind rage: call centres that 'accidentally' hang up on you after an hour of waiting, motorists that won't let you merge in busy traffic, and people bagging the sharing economy because they don't like Uber.
12/05/2016 4:21 PM AEST