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Conrad Liveris

Conrad Liveris is a workforce diversity specialist

Conrad Liveris is workforce diversity specialist, advising some of Australia's leading companies and business people on issues such as gender equality, LGBT inclusion and generational change. <br> <br> His research covers management, HR, superannuation and remuneration by looking at the differences between demographics and why they arise. <br> <br> Conrad is also the general manager of homeless non-profit Street Smugglers, dedicated to reducing modern Australian poverty. <br> <br> He tweets at @ConradLiveris.
An Unhealthy State Of

An Unhealthy State Of Homelessness

Every January I go homeless for a week. It is a challenging and exhausting experience that gives me an insight into the realities facing the poverty-stricken. I don't do this for fun or to mock, but to inform and spread an understanding of modern Australian poverty.
17/12/2015 5:27 AM AEDT
You Should Be Investing In

You Should Be Investing In Women

The data is so strong that having women in decision-making roles is good for business and the economy that avoiding diversity is bad business. It's a throwback to and fails to consider the modern workforce and needs of society.
30/09/2015 6:08 AM AEST