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Cristy O'Brien

Life blogger. Sometimes sarcastic. Often foul-mouthed

Cristy O'Brien is a blogger free from all the fake glitter and gold of social media, using sarcasm and foul language to have a laugh at the real life of a stay-at-home Mum, and who is lucky enough to have a supportive, slightly apprehensive husband with a good sense of humour… Eventually.
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How To Love Your Body

For decades I had decided my freckles were ugly. My nose was too big, my legs too chunky and my tummy... OMG my tummy was f**king hideous. All these things combined made me disgusting. Gross. Unlovable and unable to succeed at anything.
23/09/2016 5:30 AM AEST

I Bloody Love My Menstrual Cup

What does it look like? How do you put it in? How do you take it out? Is it safe? How gross is it? What is its usage life? What do you mean you can wear it overnight and not flood? Well, for those of you who also want to know these answers in a very simple, unbiased way, then read on.
16/09/2016 1:35 PM AEST
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Mittelschmerz Is Not A German Sausage

I've Googled it and it's definitely not a place. It's not even the name of a tasty German sausage. It's actually a really difficult to say medical word for ovulation pain. Yes, they have a really difficult to say medical word for ovulation pain. Who knew?
20/03/2016 6:20 AM AEDT