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David Roland

Author, psychologist and musician

David Roland has a PhD in clinical psychology. He is an honorary associate with the School of Medicine, University of Sydney and a member of the Australian Psychological Society. His latest book is the memoir: How I Rescued My Brain: A psychologist’s remarkable recovery from stroke and trauma. His first book The Confident Performer (1998) is a guide in the mental preparation for performance. David is a public speaker, musician, and advocate for mental health and disability He is the creator of Compassion in Action on Youtube.
Disability Sucks, Shutterstock

Disability Sucks, Sometimes

It took two years after my stroke before I started to see an upside. The emotional pain of those dark years isn't something I wish to experience again, but the payoff is this: I like the person I am now better than the one I was before.
05/02/2016 4:25 PM AEDT
A Funny Thing Happened At 'The Greats'

A Funny Thing Happened At 'The Greats' Exhibition

Source: NSW Art Gallery I've just returned from a dash to Sydney, where I managed to fit in a visit to 'The Greats: masterpieces from the national Galleries of Scotland' exhibition at the NSW Art Gall...
21/12/2015 4:20 PM AEDT