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Dean Masello

Guest Writer

Dean Masello is an attorney turned standup comic, and creator of Woke Dad, a parenting/humor blog with loyal readers throughout the country. As an attorney, he spent years advocating for victims of abuse and racial injustice. For his years of service, he received an “Unsung Hero” award from a domestic violence shelter in Ohio. Notwithstanding his convictions, Dean's life took a strange turn in 2010, when he moved to New York City to pursue standup comedy and storytelling. Fans of Dean’s sly wit and deadpan demeanor might be surprised to know that he struggles daily to control a variety of ailments, including anxiety, sleepwalking, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. While these traits wreak havoc in his personal life, on stage, he harnesses his unique worldview to create the brilliantly insightful social commentary that has made him one of the industry’s most respected talents. In his spare time, he’s a stay-at-home parent for his three-year-old twin girls, Penelope and Clementine.