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Denise Mills

Denise Mills is a Freelance Writer and Editor of Imperfect Life online magazine.

Denise Mills is a reformed perfectionist, hell-bent on creating and living her best life, connecting with others, and embracing it all through the lens of unapologetic imperfection. 

When she's not busy being so darn imperfect, her day job is Freelance Writer, and also Editor of Imperfect Life online magazine. Denise values connection and creativity as the fundamentals for a loving, enjoyable life, thus Imperfect Life focuses squarely on real life stories and creative writing.

Other projects include organising team member of TEDx Orange, and managing the different worlds of social media, filled with as many despicable selfies, food pics and hashtags as possible.

On a personal note, Denise is a UFC fanatic, does a breathtaking rendition of Old McDonald in Japanese, and can sing the alphabet backwards, really, really fast.