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Emily Verdouw

Associate Video Editor, HuffPost Australia

Associate Video Editor, HuffPost Australia.
Domestic Violence: Can Abusive Partners

Domestic Violence: Can Abusive Partners Change?

This doesn't make for comfortable viewing. Although that said, nothing about domestic violence is comfortable. It's a shameful, hidden problem that exists throughout Australian society and around the world. That shame is palpable through both Jerry and Worrell, two men who admit to using violence in their homes -- be it physical, psychological or emotional. But they're also two men who have been through men's behaviour change programs and want to share their experience to help other men recognise and stop their own abusive behaviour. By Emily Verdouw.
30/05/2017 8:22 AM AEST
The Corporate High-Flyer Who Threw It All In For

The Corporate High-Flyer Who Threw It All In For Charity

Five years ago, Josh Porteous was living a fairly standard existence in Sydney. Working for one of the world's largest companies, Coca-Cola, he was nearly at the top. And just like any other city-dweller, he was caught up in a lifestyle motivated by money and success. But it was on another Sunday, facing another hangover, that Josh got fed up with this lifestyle and chose to do something about it. By Emily Verdouw.
18/05/2017 11:40 AM AEST
Men Are Killing Themselves To Be 'Real

Men Are Killing Themselves To Be 'Real Men'

While no particular part of our society is left untouched, no one person exempt from the mental and physical aches that life can bring, for many complex reasons, men are currently at particular risk of suicide — they’re three times more likely to take their lives than women are.  Interviews and video by Emily Verdouw.
11/05/2017 2:17 PM AEST