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Fleur Morrison is a former journalist, public relations practitioner and radio producer who is now a stay-at-home mother of three. She tries to write and read whenever she gets a chance... which isn't often enough these days. <br> <br> She has established <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> to throw around some ideas about books and reading, and to try to put a stop to her habit of starting a book and only realising 20 pages in that she's already read it. <br> <br> Fleur also runs copywriting and editing business <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> to help businesses and organisations communicate better.
The Problem With Book

The Problem With Book Clubs

An obligation to read is no kind of incentive to pick up a book, and it often has the opposite effect, rendering the intended reader incapable of turning off the television or logging off Facebook.
30/09/2016 11:45 AM AEST
Libraries Aren't A Source Of Silence, But An Escape From

Libraries Aren't A Source Of Silence, But An Escape From It

Modern libraries play an important role, not in upholding a sense of academic excellence and intellectual superiority among users, but in their inclusivity. They are places where people of all demographics can come together and enjoy the free use of a public space.
20/09/2016 2:29 PM AEST
The Fathers, They Are

The Fathers, They Are A-Changing

Just as Bob Dylan called on writers and critics to herald the future in his famous song 'The Times, They Are a-Changing', writers continue to play an important role in documenting change, including the evolution of the role of fathers.
31/08/2016 1:23 PM AEST
If Your Baby Doesn't Like Books, Read Between The

If Your Baby Doesn't Like Books, Read Between The Lines

To my consternation -- given my hopeless devotion to books -- I found that my first child could not have been less interested in books. He fidgeted, then bawled. Perhaps there was something about the green sheep that just didn't appeal. He certainly didn't give a damn where it was.
09/08/2016 1:05 PM AEST
Why A Fall From Grace Is So

Why A Fall From Grace Is So Compelling

Is it envy or a distrust of power that we are exhibiting when we relish the stories of the failure or downfall of our powerful politicians or sportspeople? We even have a term for the phenomenon: the tall poppy syndrome. And when a tall poppy falls, we revel in it.
01/08/2016 9:14 PM AEST
Therapy Can Be Done By The

Therapy Can Be Done By The Book

Fiction can serve a lot of different purposes. It can entertain us, inform us, uplift us and move us. But can it counsel us as well?
27/07/2016 6:39 AM AEST