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Holly Ransom

CEO of Emergent Solutions and 2014 G20 Youth Summit Chair

Holly Ransom is CEO of Emergent Solutions, a company specialising in high performance intergenerational engagement and leadership. In 2014, she led the G20 Youth Summit, which became the first Youth Summit in G20 history to influence the world leader's declaration. In 2012, Holly became the world's youngest ever President of a Rotary Club and was named one of Australia's 100 Most Influential Women by Westpac and the AFR. Holly is a renowned global keynote speaker, moderator and social commentator.
Australia Needs To Swipe Right On thodonal via Getty Images

Australia Needs To Swipe Right On Ambition

We've routinely proved ourselves to be 'unable to commit'. When it comes to business and politics our relationship with ambition isn't so warm and fuzzy. It's time Australia got down on bended knee and promised to love and cherish ambition til death do us part.
20/08/2015 5:20 AM AEST