Hugo Toovey

Army Officer (Lieutenant) in the Australian Army. Testicular cancer survivor

Hugo Toovey is a 24 year old Army Officer (Lieutenant) in the Australian Army. In 2013, Hugo’s life drastically changed when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. This resulted in surgery to remove his testicle, months of chemotherapy, and very invasive surgery to remove all of his abdominal lymph nodes. As well as fighting (and beating) cancer, Hugo lost his best friend to depression, lives with an incurable disease (chrons), and has spent a large part of his life in and out of hospitals. As a result of these adversities, Hugo has a very positive outlook on life and is committed in helping others in whatever way he can. Hugo is an ambassador for Boomcast -- a new social network dedicated on inspiration, motivation and positive change. It was through Boomcast where Hugo first publically shared his personal journey with cancer. This story reached thousands of people, and was the reason why he decided to start writing blogs.
Losing One Of My Balls Made Me More Of A

Losing One Of My Balls Made Me More Of A Man

When I was first told I had to have my ball removed, I didn't really know what to think. Would it impact my sex life? Would I still be able to have children? Would others judge me? Would I be less of a man?
31/03/2016 6:28 AM AEDT