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Ian Thorpe OAM

Australia's most decorated Olympian

Ian Thorpe’s achievements in the water have been nothing short or phenomenal. With 9 Olympic medals, 22 world records, 11 World Championship titles, 10 Commonwealth Games gold medals and 9 Pan Pacific titles, ‘Thorpey’ is without doubt one of Australia’s most prolific sportsmen and one of the best swimmers in history. Ian's sporting achievements have given him international celebrity status, but, out of the water his success, genuine humility and commitment to helping others have also earned him respect and admiration internationally.
How I Breathe While Swimming Through

How I Breathe While Swimming Through Depression

I am someone who has struggled with mental health issues since I was a teen. From the outside, many would not see my pain nor be able to relate to the sometimes-daily struggle I was facing. It would have appeared as though I had grasped the world with both hands. This is part of the deception of depression and also mental illness: what may appear at face value is a stark difference from the agony that lies within.
17/02/2016 9:01 PM AEDT