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jen@traveltrustwanderlust.comJennifer Heuett is a freelance travel writer and co-founder of Travel Hooligan, an organisation that aids young adults in utilising the Working Holiday Visa in Australia and New Zealand. She is also the creator of Travel + Trust & Wanderlust, an online community that empowers women to travel solo. The Day of Trust, the website’s first social experiment will be held October 3rd to celebrate independent travel, new experiences, and self love. To participate and learn more about the day, please visit the website
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Travel Taught Me More Than School Ever

Travel Taught Me More Than School Ever Did

I was 19 when I first left home to travel overseas. My friend and I chose Rio de Janeiro as our destination and everyone thought we were bonkers. Two girls going off to one of the most 'dangerous' cities in the world didn't sit well with friends and family.
26/10/2015 12:32 PM AEDT
Go West, Young

Go West, Young Woman

I ended up choosing to go west to live and work on the beach in a small town I couldn't even pronounce. Dunsborough was three
13/09/2015 7:11 AM AEST