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Jill Scanlon


Will Quade Stay Or Will He

Will Quade Stay Or Will He Go?

After to-ing and fro-ing Quade Cooper may still be heading to France to play rugby for Toulon following his World Cup campaign
03/11/2015 10:47 AM AEDT
Frenemies Across The

Frenemies Across The Ditch

This special match will be the final game at a World Cup for several players who will go down in rugby history as being among the champions of the sport. It is also a contest to see which team moves ahead as the winner of the most World Cups, as both these teams have won two each.
30/10/2015 4:45 PM AEDT
'I think I'm Done. I'm Going To Follow

'I think I'm Done. I'm Going To Follow GWS'

How do you explain to a five-year-old that the player he has on his back, is a feature of his player cards collection, and is even prominently positioned on his wall in poster form, will be playing for a rival team next year?
23/10/2015 2:21 PM AEDT