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Jo Schneider

CEO, serial entrepreneur

Jo Schneider is a CEO, serial entrepreneur, 2014 Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year (SA) and has featured in BRW, The SMH, Sky News and The Age.

At just 22 she set up her first award-winning company, Animal Therapeutics, which is now the sole distributor of a world renowned performance product for performance animals in Australia and New Zealand markets.

Her other company, DVE Business Solutions, drives positive change through a holistic approach bringing together process, people, structure and technology. They are also experts at providing business solutions to Universities.

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Gender Shouldn't Matter, So Why Do We Keep Talking About Getty Creative

Gender Shouldn't Matter, So Why Do We Keep Talking About It?

I have often found myself being invited to join organisational women's groups, being in the minority in these workplaces. I never joined as I honestly didn't see the point. I didn't see the need to highlight the fact that I was a woman. I just wanted to get on with the job at hand and interact with everyone in the organisation equally.
06/06/2016 5:29 AM AEST