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Jordan Oldbury

Author, blogger, dad, husband, owner of and podcaster at

I am a freelance writer with a passion for current events and social issues. I write for multiple publications and host the podcast
Being An Adult Is Not That nautiluz56 via Getty Images

Being An Adult Is Not That Super

I have a wife, a kid, a job, and a car designed to ferry around young children whilst also having enough boot space to accommodate pushchairs and huge quantities of food. What I don't have are the feelings and attributes that I associate with adulthood.
15/03/2016 1:30 PM AEDT
My Unromantic Quest For Mr DreamWorks Pictures

My Unromantic Quest For Mr Right

Maybe someone will read this and be able to give me those man-things I crave -- a special handshake and an awesome nickname. Or we could just hide our feelings away and talk about sport, women and motorbikes while we awkwardly sip beer. Whatever.
07/01/2016 5:05 AM AEDT