Josh and Jenna

Former Block Contestants, Renovators and Designers

As the youngest couple to ever appear on The Block, both Josh & Jenna have a considerable amount of renovation and design experience behind them. Not only have they appeared on The Block, The Block All Stars and Reno Rumble, they have renovated eight properties together and run their own successful design business <br> <br> Jenna has completed a Diploma of Interior Design & Decoration at RMIT Melbourne and alongside Bicker Design, also works with Cotton On Group as a Product Display Specialist. <br> <br> Josh has many years of trade industry knowledge and almost 10 years as a qualified plumber under his belt.
7 Steps to Ensure Your Renovation Doesn't End in

7 Steps to Ensure Your Renovation Doesn't End in Divorce

Undertaking a home renovation will likely be one of the most stressful situations you will ever experience. From dodgy tradesmen, to delayed timelines, to a contradicting 'vision' on how the house should look, there seems no end to the list of potential road blocks.
18/08/2015 7:50 AM AEST