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Josh Butler

Editor, HuffPost Australia

Josh Butler is an editor at HuffPost Australia. He covers news and politics, focusing on issues including refugees, welfare, drugs and domestic violence. You can reach him at or on Twitter at @JoshButler.
U.N. Interns Should Be

U.N. Interns Should Be Paid

Having spent three months as an unpaid intern in the New York headquarters, I saw too many people forced to steal food from official functions; too many people who would walk miles in the snow rather than pay for a subway ticket.
26/08/2015 6:26 AM AEST
Jarryd Hayne Is So Hot Right

Jarryd Hayne Is So Hot Right Now

In Hayne's first punt return of the game, he caught the ball over his shoulder and juked around several defenders on a long
24/08/2015 11:46 AM AEST