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Joyce Phillips

CEO ANZ Global Wealth

The Ace We Need For An Equal

The Ace We Need For An Equal Future

The US Open was the first major tennis tournament to offer equal pay back in 1973, after champion Billie Jean King threatened to organise a boycott of the tournament. It took 28 years of campaigning but, in 2001, the Australian Open became the second tournament to commit to pay parity -- and taught us that voting with your feet still works.
28/01/2016 5:45 AM AEDT
Innovation Is A Mindset, Not A

Innovation Is A Mindset, Not A Model

For many large organisations, creativity and innovation are elusive steps on the path to competitive advantage. It's not that they lack the potential to drive an 'ideas boom' on the scale articulated by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this week. Rather, the problem is that when good ideas surface, layers of bureaucracy and management slow down their development and speed to market.
11/12/2015 5:05 AM AEDT