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Kate Shelby

Mother, writer and lover of superheroes In tight outfits

My name is Kate. When I'm not writing I am busy raising my children and tackling the curve balls of parenthood. My writing is influenced by my current life and past history. I don't shy away from telling it how it is. I love superheroes, villains and chocolate. You can visit me anytime
I Thought I Knew Parenting Would Be Ivy Reynolds

I Thought I Knew Parenting Would Be Hard

After I gave birth to my first child I knew my world would change. However, I was very naive to think after a very difficult delivery I would have a few months to recover. My baby will just sleep and eat for a while, won't he? Um. No.
25/07/2016 6:48 AM AEST
What It's Like To Be The Child Of An Shutterstock

What It's Like To Be The Child Of An Alcoholic

I can only speak from my personal experience having grown up with one parent that has a severe alcohol addiction. Now that I'm older I can put together the puzzle pieces, work out how being the child of an alcoholic has had some impact on the decisions I have made.
06/07/2016 6:09 AM AEST