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Kate Stone Matheson

Writer, Journalist, National Ambassador for Shake It Up

Kate Stone Matheson is a journalist, writer, and branding specialist. Twice nominated for Telstra Businesswomen's Awards, she counts mediating the Walkley Media Talks as a career highlight. She is a proud National Ambassador for the Shake It Up Foundation, partnered with the Michael J Fox Foundation, raising awareness for Young Onset Parkinson's, which she has had since she was 29. Her collection of non-fiction, short stories, interviews and verse, A Difficult Woman, is now found both on the web and on Apple News. She is a regular contributing writer to The Mission at Medium and was nominated for an Our Watch award for excellence in journalism in raising awareness of family violence and violence against women.
We Need To Put Our Heads Together Over Youth Mental

We Need To Put Our Heads Together Over Youth Mental Health

Suicide is the biggest killer of Australians aged 15 to 24. Not cars, not drugs. Not terrorist incidents. No; it's a world of nothing. A long strip of anxiety-inducing grey. And only one in four are getting the help they need.
06/09/2016 9:09 AM AEST
It's 2015, Folks. Trudeau

It's 2015, Folks. Trudeau Story!

I applaud Justin Trudeau. The main reason I applaud him is the reason I applaud others like him, who just want to cut the crap and get on with the job.
09/11/2015 9:54 AM AEDT
Hitting Home: Our Suburban Killing

Hitting Home: Our Suburban Killing Fields

I have been physically and emotionally hurt by someone I knew and trusted within the confines of a relationship. In the words of the Paul Kelly song, I never understood 'what made such a sweet guy turn so mean', and I stuck around for a long time as a consequence.
25/09/2015 10:25 AM AEST