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Kellie Austin

Writer, thinker, tea-drinker.

Writer, thinker, tea-drinker. Kellie is a former television journalist who decided to get a 'grown up office job' and then missed writing too much. She owns the best dog in the world and likes to travel, read, dance, do yoga, garden and cook.
Some Things Get Better With

Some Things Get Better With Age

It's funny how, as you get older, you complain about growing up. The bills, the responsibilities... it makes you long to be a kid again. But a recent tale of woe about a tiny tot who tantrums over getting her hair wet made me think -- this adulting thing... it's not so bad.
06/02/2016 6:22 AM AEDT
The Four Rules Of

The Four Rules Of Sweatiquette

I plan to submit it to the next Oxford Dictionary call for new words. Sweatiquette: The basic good manners one needs to adopt whilst in a shared exercise class to ensure a good experience for all.
21/11/2015 6:12 AM AEDT
The Good Dog's Guide to

The Good Dog's Guide to Gardening

So, furry friends, as you can see, we are pretty much indispensable in the garden. Look at all the garden shows on TV -- they <em>all</em> have dogs. Because humans would get this wrong without us.
10/10/2015 7:53 AM AEDT
The Ruff Guide To Road-Tripping With

The Ruff Guide To Road-Tripping With Dogs

Most people think I'm crazy hopping in the car and driving home for Christmas. Firstly, because home is two days of driving away -- across one territory and two states. And secondly, because my dog is my driving companion.
03/10/2015 5:49 AM AEST
Springtime in Canberra Is Nothing To Sneeze

Springtime in Canberra Is Nothing To Sneeze At

What we lack in terms of the reality show Survivor's exotic locations -- Lake Burley Griffin is no Bora Bora -- we more than make up for in terms of hidden dangers. Specifically, our pollen-count. And our ingenuity in beating the annual assault on our senses is unsurpassed.
19/09/2015 6:16 AM AEST