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Kellie Austin

Journalist turned freelance writer who loves to tell the stories of the world we live in

Kellie is a former television journalist who decided to get a 'grown up office job' and then missed writing too much. She has reported for 7 Queensland and Prime News on everything from Federal elections to local interest stories. Kellie is fascinated by people and the things they do. With experience working and managing in the public and private sectors she is passionate about women in leadership, current affairs, well-being, supporting introverts to succeed (yes you can be passionate about this!) and learning new things. She also has a serious tea addiction and owns the best dog in the world. Kellie is a keen traveler, reader, dancer, gardener and cook -- especially with her own backyard-grown produce.
Some Things Get Better With Fuse via Getty Images

Some Things Get Better With Age

It's funny how, as you get older, you complain about growing up. The bills, the responsibilities... it makes you long to be a kid again. But a recent tale of woe about a tiny tot who tantrums over getting her hair wet made me think -- this adulting thing... it's not so bad.
06/02/2016 6:22 AM AEDT