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Lana Hirschowitz

Freelancer and former editor of Mamamia 

Lana Hirschowitz is a mother, wife, writer and toast lover. Former editor of Mamamia, Lana is a freelance writer who fills her time Instagramming photos of her dinner and her dog -- two of her healthiest obsessions. You can read more from her on her Facebook page here  

If Leggings Are Pants, Slippers Can Be Shoes

The leggings phenomenon has taken over in such a way that we hardly even look twice when we see people at the supermarket or trotting around the suburbs in lycra-type leggings. So why can't we introduce that same joy to our feet?
10/06/2016 12:09 PM AEST
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The Pink Ladies Of The Playground Are Precious

I will never forget my son's school orientation. I was genuinely afraid, not at the thought of my little boy going to school, not of the enormity of this milestone and not even because finding parking that day had used every bit of my given quota for patience, but because of the other mums.
01/05/2016 6:37 AM AEST
muharrem ├╢ner via Getty Images

The 8 Types Of Recipe Trolls

Quite by chance, I have come across a well of unexpected angst in a corner of the web I thought was reserved for foodies or hungry people. This angst, often manifested as anger, is literally bubbling away in online recipes. Yes, simple solutions for dinner are the new heartland of irate commenters.
18/04/2016 2:43 PM AEST