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Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe
Why You Need A 'No Jerk'

Why You Need A 'No Jerk' Rule

I recently spent six months with a negative, emotionally draining client. Like dust in my apartment, the toxicity settled in so subtly I can't even put my finger on when it started taking its toll.
23/04/2016 6:26 AM AEST
A First In World

A First In World Football

On Saturday, at an A-League match on the NSW Central Coast, there will be a supporter's bay dedicated to people who are supporters of neither of the sides actually playing.
23/01/2016 6:38 AM AEDT
Things I Saved From The

Things I Saved From The Fire

Being practical, I grabbed all important documents such as birth certificates, passports and my son’s ‘blue book'. My laptop
22/01/2016 8:57 AM AEDT