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Laura Ellis

Founder of Hidden Hippie, energy healing for modern, woowoo skeptics

Laura Ellis is a former management consultant turned holistic health and crystal peddler. Frustrated at all the woowoo advice out there around energy healing, she decided to create fun, modern products for ambitious women to enjoy. Well, because not everyone has a thing for Patchouli! Check out or follow along on Instagram and Twitter @ItsHiddenHippie  Born and raised in Western Australia, Laura is now based in New York. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, as well as some early stage tech startups and founders, and went to her first energy healing when she was 18. 
How Sport Got My Career In

How Sport Got My Career In Shape

There is one day in the year 2000 that I remember very clearly; I was jumping around the living room, cheering like I had
16/11/2015 4:50 PM AEDT
Why I'd Move to Australia If I Fell

Why I'd Move to Australia If I Fell Pregnant

I love New York; the people, the food, the dirt, the fashion, the humidity. Heck, even the long, freezing winters are pretty magical. But if I'm gonna be real, there's no way I'd stay here if I were planning to start a family. Thats right, knock me up and I'm schlepping back to Australia.
09/09/2015 12:49 PM AEST