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Lee Suckling

Freelance writer and Fairfax New Zealand columnist

Freelance writer Lee Suckling is a passionate LGBTI activist, etiquette expert, and personal health advocate. He has a Master of Journalism, writes three columns each week for Fairfax New Zealand, and contributes to various publications across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.
What Happened When I 'Came Out' About Being In Getty Creative

What Happened When I 'Came Out' About Being In Therapy

The Antipodean experience is much like that of the British: If you need help, we think there must be something really wrong with you. This is why I've felt like I was coming out again in the past few weeks, as after years of hiding, I've finally been telling people: "I'm in therapy".
09/06/2016 5:48 AM AEST