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Lisa Portolan

Author, blogger, green-juice sipper, yoga and meditation instructor

Lisa Portolan is a writer from Sydney, Australia. She has three books published and writes for a number of digital publications. 

She has a MA International Studies, BA Communications and International Studies (University of Technology, Sydney), and a very unfinished PhD. 

Follow her on instagram @lisaportolan or visit her website

The short film she has written, alongside producer Sam McDonald and Director Michael Fardell (Screencraft) will be released in 2018. 

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I'll Tell You The Secret: Manifesting Is A Con

If we were manifesting health, or authenticity, a real sense of identity, then I would be all for it. It makes sense, after all, those are the core blocks of life. But instead we're trapped manifesting products and events consumer culture told us we wanted.
25/05/2016 1:23 PM AEST

Are We Living in 1984, Even Though It's 2016?

What is most interesting about our compromised personal data, and the key point that Orwell missed, is that we give it up so freely. We fling our data out there like caution to the wind because, who cares right? It's out there anyway.
07/03/2016 1:06 PM AEDT