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Maria Mesaric

CEO / Founder of Forme Education

Maria has a bold heart for people and an agenda to challenge the status quo when it comes to education in Australia. She is the founder and director of Forme, an online leadership college that believes in delivering holistic and interactive online learning, where students are nurtured, encouraged and developed throughout their entire course. After years of helping others grow successful businesses, Maria decided it was time to follow her passion and build her own. Armed with a vision to assist and develop individuals, Maria set about establishing a business centred on helping people grow and achieve greatness within themselves and their future careers. Maria’s passion to improve the delivery of online education has produced a style of learning that puts the individual first, creating a first-class experience for students throughout their entire course. Recently launched, Forme understands the role emotional intelligence, influence and mindfulness plays in expanding leadership capacity and promoting wellbeing. Maria’s hope is that Forme would shine a spotlight on the growing prevalence of anxiety, stress and disengagement in the workplace and inspire leaders to rise up and take action.
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02/08/2016 3:22 PM AEST