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Marieke D'Cruz

Olympic swimmer, political and sport commentator

Marieke D’Cruz is an Olympian Swimmer, a Political and Sports Commentator, and President of the Australian Swimmers Association. 
Before You Judge Our Getty Images

Before You Judge Our Swimmers

How is it exactly that the swimmers have let Australia down? What will change in the lives of Australians because of the results at the Olympics? Will there be rioting in the streets? Will children starve or animals be neglected? Will the country go to ruin?
15/08/2016 9:37 AM AEST
Hard Work Is No Longer WB Digital via Getty Images

Hard Work Is No Longer Enough

In order to succeed in today's job market, workers need to do much more than just work hard. They need to ask themselves, what value am I adding to my organisation? And what can I deliver to the benefit or growth of the organisation in the future?
06/10/2015 11:23 AM AEDT