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Matt Elsbury


Matt Elsbury is a comedian, satirist and writer from Melbourne. He has performed around Australia, the UK and SE Asia as well as in over a dozen Melbourne International Comedy Festivals. For more. go to
Inquest Into A Political

Inquest Into A Political Death

As a result, it is this Court's recommendation that no charges be laid against MALCOLM BLIGH TURNBULL at this time. Mr Turnbull's actions, despite being self-interested, can also be seen as a 'mercy killing'.
15/09/2015 8:37 AM AEST
The Brilliance Of Peter Dutton's

The Brilliance Of Peter Dutton's Apology

This is textbook stuff, people -- I mean it, you should all have your copies of <em>Sorry Seems to Be the Least Necessary Word</em>, so turn to page three.
14/09/2015 10:27 AM AEST