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Maurits Zwankhuizen

Freelance writer

Maurits Zwankhuizen is a freelance writer.
I'm Not Tucker... Get Me Out Of

I'm Not Tucker... Get Me Out Of Here!

I understand that millions of insects are killed on a daily basis as the result of mundane human activity. The windscreen and grille of my car are a graveyard for many tiny lives. But it is the intention which matters. And the intention of the producers of 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!' is the lowest form of entertainment -- the gross-out.
10/02/2016 12:00 PM AEDT
I'm Offended By Everyone Taking

I'm Offended By Everyone Taking Offence

Our society has evolved into three types of people. Those who give offence, those who take offence, and those (like me) who sit on the fence. And you know what? I've had enough. I'm getting off the fence because I find this crazy offensive culture, well, offensive.
30/01/2016 6:43 AM AEDT