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Meghan Loneragan

Editor, Citizens of the World

Meghan McTavish is the editor of lifestyle and travel website Citizens of the World
4 Ways Economy Class Makes You A Better

4 Ways Economy Class Makes You A Better Human

Economy can be cramped, stuffy and reminds us all that as individual as you might feel, you are but one of many. And nobody likes to feel like a statistic. But here's the thing -- good character was never formed on a comfy chair.
09/09/2015 1:15 PM AEST
Travel Like Beyonce - Here's

Travel Like Beyonce - Here's How

There are authentic, real-world experiences that challenge and change you for the better -- then there's the way Beyonce travels. While the first kind requires a sense of adventure, all you need to try the latter type of ultra Bey-worthy vacation is a smartphone and a bit of money... Quite a bit.
28/08/2015 1:47 PM AEST