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Melanie Sheppard

Australian Writer, Blogger, Womens Advocate and Activist

Melanie Sheppard is a writer, blogger and  a passionate activist for women's rights. Through her writing, she exposes herself and her life with the goal to open up conversation about every day topics creating a forum that connects people through dialogue, opinion and life experience. 
We Should Remove The Word 'Slut' From Our Corbis via Getty Images

We Should Remove The Word 'Slut' From Our Vocabulary

Who actually determines how many sexual partners a woman can have before she is labeled a "slut"? And why is it such a bad thing for a woman to have multiple sexual partners? The stigma and guilt associated with sex needs to be removed as it is just another area in which women are held back and labeled.
26/08/2016 5:59 AM AEST
Our Culture Of Objectification Is Not Good Enough For Our Jonathan Kirn

Our Culture Of Objectification Is Not Good Enough For Our Girls

Citizens of Australia, we have a problem. This problem is directly impacting our entire population. It can lead to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, body issues, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction and social isolation. The problem is the sexual objectification of women, and at the root of that is misogyny.
18/08/2016 11:18 AM AEST
Gender Inequality On Mother's allanswart via Getty Images

Gender Inequality On Mother's Day

Gender equality is a topic that has been spoken about for years. We all know what it is, most of us agree that it is essential, yet as women we are still confronted by the disparity between the sexes, sometimes at the hands of women who claim to be fighting for the cause.
06/05/2016 1:18 PM AEST
I Am Swiping Left For Online Daniel Allan via Getty Images

I Am Swiping Left For Online Dating

People using dating technology seem to make up their minds within minutes whether they see a future with a person and if not, they move on fast with one click of the mouse. What happened to the days of getting to know a person before deciding if there was chemistry or not?
27/04/2016 9:10 AM AEST
Why Gender Equality Is So

Why Gender Equality Is So Important

At a recent dinner with friends, the topic of conversation turned to Donald Trump and his misogynistic vitriol on the topic of abortion. He recently commented (and later retracted) that any woman who...
15/04/2016 12:14 PM AEST
Lean In, But Not To See Amal Clooney's via Fairfax

Lean In, But Not To See Amal Clooney's Bunions

Can you imagine picking up a GQ or Maxim magazine and reading an article about Obama's corns or Brad Pitts nipple slip? It just doesn't happen, because not only are men judged on their intellect, they themselves do not scrutinise each other's physical appearance like women do.
05/04/2016 10:32 AM AEST
How Do We Cope With A Mid-Life Big Cheese Photo via Getty Images

How Do We Cope With A Mid-Life Crisis?

I felt like I needed to do something radical. Do I move to an ashram in India and spend the rest of my years in a silent meditation? Do I shave my head and join the Hare Krishnas? What do I need to do to slow down the years that are approaching, because the past 45 have slipped by so fast that it takes my breath away.
30/03/2016 5:49 AM AEDT
The Fifty Shades Of Modern Image Source via Getty Images

The Fifty Shades Of Modern Marriage

At a recent girls lunch, one of my friends mentioned that, in the last month, four of her friends, all in their fifties, announced that they were getting married. Each one of these people had been married before and, after a hiatus of about seven years, had decided to take the plunge into matrimony again.
16/03/2016 5:37 AM AEDT