Melissa Browne

Money and business strategy expert, speaker, author and serial entrepreneur

Melissa Browne is a money and business strategy expert and founder of A&TA and The Money Barre. Melissa works with small and medium business owners to save tax, grow their business and reduce their stress. She is the author of <em> More Money for Shoes</em> and <em>Fabulous but Broke</em>. For more information visit <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> or contact
Has Your Relationship With Money Turned

Has Your Relationship With Money Turned Toxic?

The thing is, you actually can't have a relationship with money. It's an inanimate object and should simply be a helpful tool to help us live the life we want. But most of us don't see it that way and we've developed an unhealthy relationship that's turning, if we're completely honest, a little bit toxic.
20/04/2016 10:35 AM AEST