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Michael Grose

Speaker, parenting educator, author

Michael Grose is the author of 9 parenting books and a past parenting columnist with both Fairfax and News Ltd. Michael, through his company Parentingideas, supplies over 30 parenting articles every year to nearly 1500 Australian schools. An experienced media performer he’s been a regular commentator in the Australian media for over a decade with regular appearances on the Today Show, The Circle, The Project and many other television and radio programs.
Parents, Would You Please Behave Getty Creative

Parents, Would You Please Behave Yourselves

"How do I get my kids to behave?" is a perennial issue for parents. However, talk to coaches of children's sports teams and they'll tell a similar story, but with one major difference. They'll replace 'kids' with 'parents'.
24/06/2016 3:28 PM AEST
Helicopter Parents Should Be Prepared For A Crash ALEUTIE VIA GETTY IMAGES

Helicopter Parents Should Be Prepared For A Crash Landing

The defining feature of 21st century parents is a fierce determination to provide children with the best possible childhood and the best possible start in life. In pursuit of these admirable goals, a parent can easily over-extend their role, entering areas of children's lives that would have been off-limits to parents a couple of generations ago.
15/02/2016 10:45 AM AEDT
Developing Your Child's Social Media Chris Cross via Getty Images

Developing Your Child's Social Media Scripts

Parents should have conversations with children around social media before they reach the teenage years. Starting these conversations when they are younger means that they are more open to our parenting opinions, as well as being a little more amenable to the messages of tolerance, kindness and empathy that we need to encourage.
05/10/2015 8:33 AM AEDT