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Michael Sheldrick

Global Policy and Advocacy Manager, Global Poverty Project

An accomplished campaigner, commentator and speaker, Michael Sheldrick has been advocating on issues of extreme poverty since high school. He previously worked on high impact campaigns in Australia with Make Poverty History and The Oaktree Foundation, helping to secure the largest ever increase in Australian aid.

Michael currently serves as Global Policy and Advocacy Manager with the Global Poverty Project, where he coordinates a number of campaign initiatives including The End of Polio campaign, which has helped mobilize more than $800 million in support of polio eradication efforts. Working with the Global Poverty Project’s New York crew, Michael is overseeing the policy direction of the 2013 Global Citizen Festival.
Cuts To Foreign Aid Are Also Cuts To Our

Cuts To Foreign Aid Are Also Cuts To Our Economy

Far from being just the right thing to do, Labor’s announcement is also the smart thing to do. Too often we tend to view aid as a feel-good charitable endeavor, something we do when the times are good and something to be wound back on in harder economic times.
23/05/2016 11:19 AM AEST
We SHOULD Be Getting Ideas Above Our

We SHOULD Be Getting Ideas Above Our Station

Snipes at sitting Australian Prime Ministers whenever they set foot outside the country are an unfortunate hangover of a by-gone colonial era. Australia does not sit at the top seats of global fora by chance. We deserve to be there by virtue of the fact we are a Top 20 nation.
24/11/2015 5:09 AM AEDT