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Michelle Newton

Director of Cultural Forecasting, GalKal Australia

Michelle Newton is the Director of Cultural Forecasting at GalKal Australia.

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How Romanticism Ruined Getty Images

How Romanticism Ruined Romance

Does that mean we are all doomed to fail in long-term relationships? The short answer is yes, unless we get a healthy dose of pragmatism and empathy and turn off the mindless episodes of 'The Bachelor'.
09/08/2016 6:19 AM AEST
Our Views On Ageing Need A Chris Jackson

Our Views On Ageing Need A Facelift

The Queen recently turned 90. By doing so, she has already lived six years longer than the average Australian female. One might expect this would be the case given her privileged life, but science suggests that she has more in common with us than we think.
09/05/2016 8:34 AM AEST