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Michelle Tan

Absurdist comic writer and certified life nonsense expert

She is the comedic voice of Agent Spitback of "The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback" (, a fictionalised blog about a newbie mummy trying to survive the world's most dangerous place in the world -- the playground. Some call her genius, some call her dribble and some, like her three children, just call her "Mummy".

She is married to a John Travolta lookalike, has three lovely children, two of whom are now teenagers and have veto powers over her blog posts, works full time and sleeps part time, survives on lemon juice, water and hard boiled eggs.

A journalist masquerading as an ass kicking ninja mom, masquerading as a corporate jam sandwich. When she is not looking for lost socks, she likes making up stories about people around her, because honestly, that’s what she's been trained for.
My Daughter Wants A

My Daughter Wants A Penis

When my daughter was four, she had a strong desire to be a boy. She refused to wear dresses, play with girls, 'girl' toys or 'girl' games, and she would even pee standing up. She was convinced that her 'penis' would grow out of her vagina and she would one day become a boy.
19/04/2016 5:59 AM AEST