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Neil Carrington

Act for Kids CEO

Dr Neil Carrington joined Act for Kids as Chief Executive Officer in August 2010, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise as an experienced educator, counsellor and leader. Dr Carrington started his career as a teacher in Cunnamulla, a remote community west of Brisbane with a high indigenous population. Here he saw bright, young indigenous children who were naturally clever but struggles to excel because their needs weren’t being met by mainstream education. The realisation drove him to complete a postgraduate degree in Special Education, and develop a strong interest in child development. Dr Carrington was the Harvard Club of Australia Fellow for 2012/2013. He is a much sought after speaker in the area of Leadership and Organisational Culture. All Dr Carrington’s speaking fees go directly to Act for Kids and to date he has donated over $1.4 million dollars to this worthy cause.
Sticks And Stones May Break Bones, But Words Can Hurt

Sticks And Stones May Break Bones, But Words Can Hurt Forever

People understand the effects of hitting a child or sexually abusing a child. A harder concept to grasp is the damage that is caused by calling a child “stupid” over and over again or telling them “they never should have been born”. Bruises fade, but making a child regret their own existence is a bit tougher to heal.
09/09/2016 6:19 AM AEST